Postcards From Rome: Gear. Street vs. Landscape!


Gear talk? Well alrighty then! While in Rome, Valerie Jardin and I decided to lay out our Fujifilm rigs, side by side. It was kind of funny – in a good way, of course!

See, as a street photographer, Valerie gets to be in stealth mode. She gets to carry wee little cameras and lenses.

While as a landscape photographer, I’m like the chief proprietor of the gear-o-rama! Delightfully smaller and lighter than my previously enjoyed DSLR cameras, but quite a bit different than hers. Thing is, each set up was carefully chosen to do a specific job.

In this video we chat a bit about what each of us like most about our highly purpose-driven, rig-of-choice.

The Pantheon

And so, with my aforementioned landscape set up, I roamed the streets one night with my friend Ken Lyons and we came upon the mighty Roman Pantheon, all lit up in its glamorously fancy-pants warm midnight glow.

Using the aforementioned landscape rig, I made simple panorama image out of 4 or 5 shots with my 16-55mm lens. Since they were long exposures, I used my Really Right Stuff BH-40 ballhead and TQC-14 Tripod to keep it all steady.

Fujifilm x-Pro 2 and XF 16-55mm lens:
ISO 250, f/8, 5.3 secs.