Once More With Feeling! Create With Emotion

Hey! Let’s do this “Once More With Feeling”, shall we?
Sounds like the end of a post instead of the beginning, doesn’t it?
I just like to change things up.  😉

Take, for instance, this 3-part series I did last week on Facebook LIVE called “Once More With Feeling: Creating Emotion in Your Photographic Art.”
The videos are below.

See, I decided I wanted to share a slice of something I feel is so important… which is how to create more effectively, more authentically and more consistently from the inside out. I wanted to answer questions like: “What do you MEAN ‘inside-out’?” “Emotion? You mean I have to FEEEEL??” and “I have a hard time getting what I see and feel to come through in my final photograph. What am I doing wrong?”

Rather than write about it or ONLY show photos about it – I wanted to have a real-time chat with folks about it. Answer questions. Offer exercises to help bring it all home and make it real. Exercises/activities a person (or… maybe YOU) could go out and put into use IMMEDIATELY.

MORE… I wanted this to be stuff that speaks to ANY kind of art… including life your LIFE as an art… in a practical way.

Finally, I wanted each episode to be SHORT and TO THE POINT. Not drag on for an eternity in order to get one tidbit of information.

I want alot.

Well, desire is key – because here it is!  15 minutes of new content, 15 or so minutes of Q&A at the end. Stay just for the first part… or all of it, whatever you like. I love options.

So hey! Let’s do this “Once More With Feeling”, shall we?
(see how I did that?)

Here ya go:

episode 1: What ABOUT Emotion?

Click here to go to my Facebook page and post your photo for Ep. 1!  

Episode 2: Grounding, Focusing and Pre-Game Prep:

Click HERE to go to my Facebook page and post your photo for Ep. 2!

EPISODE 3: Artist’s Statement and Putting It All Together:

Click this link to go to my Facebook page and post your photo for Ep. 3!

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