15 qualities your Creativity needs from you NOW!

15 qualities your Creativity needs from you NOW!
  1. Fierceness

    Oh baby, do you need to be fierce! Think of your Creative spirit as the BESTEST-BEST part of you.  You have to be tender, tough and determined to protect this precious being against all naysayers; especially thems that would honestly feel more comfortable if you’d just be… a little less. Ummm… NO.

  2. Love

    Risk it all. Just LOVE… whatever you can, whenever you’re able… love stuff. Weave it into your language “I love that!”. Find things to love. See through that lens, first and foremost. Photograph what you love. Say yes or no – based upon what you’d most love to feel.

  3. A sense of humor

    ‘Cause when you can lighten up and find humor in even the most unlikely situations – everything is more fun! And strangely, it helps you see better, be more creative, have better ideas and lower your blood pressure.

  4. Compassion/Forgiveness

    I don’t know about you – but I make ALOT of mistakes! Some are just so dumb it’s embarrassing, IMO. Plus I never yet seem to be where I think I “should” be – and that irks me on a daily basis. That is, UNLESS I’m being equally relentless about being compassionate and forgiving of myself. Without compassion AND forgiveness (they’re twin stars) – not just for these perceived “failings” but more importantly – for the fact that I still do them sometimes and judge myself like an evil boss for it – well, I’d just evaporate and disappear. Compassion and forgiveness are THE blessing and tender touch that Creativity must have in order to keep going… and we have to be the ones to ask for it. And then accept it. (That latter part is KEY!)

  5. Patience

    You’re going to have to be WAY more patient with your own Creativity than you ever dreamed. Not kidding. Just plan on it: exponential patience. And there WILL be a test on this…. many of them. I think Creativity just wants to be sure you’re serious. 😉

  6. Relentlessness

    This is a cousin to Fierceness. It’s a tricky term – but a genius ingredient for inciting Creativity. The kind of relentlessness I’m talking about isn’t harsh, hard or mean. It’s like the voice of your conscience that doesn’t berate you – it just never goes away. Like a clock ticking isn’t mean – it’s just persistent. Continuous. Creativity takes a certain brand of relentlessness that keeps you going when you don’t think you can go another step. It’s tempered by compassion, love, humor and the rest… but it’s never, ever going to give up.

  7. A brave heart

    Some people think Creativity is all light ‘n loveliness, that creatives have it easy because they get to do whatever they want, whenever they want. La-lala-lala! (cue adorable little airhead icon). But make no mistake: Creativity takes a no-holds-barred, brave heart of a warrior. It must stand before all slings and arrows, singing its song no matter what.  Courageous and enduring.

  8. Laser-like focus

    This is a cousin to relentlessness. But with the addition of specificity. True Creativity requires a focus with such specificity that what you’re after is clear no matter what else is going on. You want to create images that move people emotionally? Then focus on that specifically. Ask all the right questions, experiment, test, play, do everything that needs doing, feeling and thinking about in order to make that ONE thing happen. Like a laser beam, aimed straight at the heart of the sun.

  9. the question: WHY?

    I once had a great mentor explain the genius of “the kindergarten mind”. It’s a mindset that is always sees with fresh eyes, is innocent – and always asks “Why?”. Knowing your why – and feeling its truth resonating deep inside your body – is one of Creativity’s supreme asks. When your “Why?” is clear… you know that you know what you know. About the shot… the composition… the story… the processing… the settings… all of it. (and beyond!)

  10. Listening

    OMG, people talk TOO. DAMN. MUCH!! On top of it, everybody’s a frickin’ expert, apparently. And I don’t just mean in photography! Problem is, when you’re talking, you’re not listening. You can only SEE (photographically) and CREATE (anything original) when you listen. True Creativity doesn’t yell… it wants an invitation. Which you can only offer by listening very, very carefully.

  11. Discernment

    Photographer: know thyself! Creativity takes a tremendous ability to discern what’s real and what isn’t. As well, to determine which ideas are truly yours or someone else’s. Most especially: you need mighty powers of Discernment to know the difference between pure B.S…. and pure authentic, genuine Truth.

  12. Boundaries

    Who HASN’T had some know-it-all bust into your jam and start telling you how you ought to create? Or think. Or do…. whatever. Jeebus people… BACK OFF! So… boundaries. The line in the sand that says “Keep off” and “Back off”. Or better yet: “Beyond this line you shall not go” – that radiates far enough out from you that boundary breakers don’t even try. Me loves Boundaries.

  13. A sense of adventure

    What better adventure IS there than to become your most awesome, free and CREATIVE self?? [Cue epic adventure movie music.] When your sense of adventure is in place – you’re up for the game, you’re in it to win it, you’re packed light, ready to go and LIVE! Kids know how to have adventures every single day! And so do we. So yeah, that.

  14. Wisdom

    Sure, you can be creative like popcorn flinging itself out of its pot and across the room in an outrageous explosion of popcorn poppery. (and whew, I’m tired just from writing that!). But remember, Creativity is part of your life force. Over time, Wisdom teaches you to apply this mighty power in more thoughtful ways. Whether for the benefit of self, all or all of the above… with discernment. Where is this mighty power of Creativity best conjured and invested? Wisdom will tell you – and the results will be all the richer and more delicious for it.

  15. Gratitude

    Who doesn’t love to be appreciated? Your beautiful Creativity is just the same! Nothing lays a more fertile ground for the growth of ALL kinds of fantastic creations than Gratitude. Being grateful; and I mean genuinely appreciative for the ability to create stuff, feel good and manifest an amazing life is like posting a standing invitation for more awesomeness than you ever dreamed of. Creativity thrives in an environment with an abundance of Gratitude spritzed in the air.