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A Message From… 

SOOOO many fantastic conversations are going on lately, all stemming from the whole “artistic voice” idea. I see it in communities where participants from my workshops and retreats gather… and in the greater artistic community, who is experiencing an even more persistent “Ahem!” from their creative souls than ever before.

Many are feeling dissatisfied with their work (photographic and otherwise), sensing that there is “something more”; longing for an ever-deeper connection to their greater vision.

Today’s post is really a stream of consciousness that came pouring in recently about all of this. Instead of JUST coming in visually –  it actually showed up conveniently pre-packaged with words. Hurray! Translation has been the hardest part of this whole movement – so I’m excited about the words! Words are such powerful little beasts.

The Creative Force

So. The creative force. You’ll find the concept dictionary-defined as “having the ability or power to create”. Personally, I see and experience it as a most potent and mystical force unto itself, always seeking an outlet through which to manifest itself into our physical “reality”.

In much the same way seismic forces move through the earth leaving tremors and earthquakes in its wake – so the creative force runs through all of us leaving inspiration and greater vision as its mark. As it finds ways to bubble up within us, it inhabits and enlivens our very cells. It regenerates, rejuvenates and yes – it even heals.

Some prefer to think of the creative force simply as “creativity”. Or art. Others see it as higher self or the voice of God speaking through and to them. In all cases, the experience of it is a rush; it feels like a an opening, an uplift-ment (or “mint”. heh.) You might feel lighter. More artistic. Better about yourself. Or astounded and delighted, as I invariably do.

There is really nothing like it. It truly is the voice of your soul, speaking, singing, seeking a way to create in this oh-so-physical realm. Its end game: Freedom and Joy, even as it cycles back to its divine source to begin again. Inflow… outflow. Natural rhythms.

Giving Voice

When the creative force makes its appearance with its delicious inflow/inhale of inspiration, we have the opportunity to give it a voice through our finest creations, whatever they may be. That is, to express/exhale it into the world, whether through photography, art, music, words, actions, kindness, just plain better thoughts (which of course, spins the wheel on our next great reality selection)… even life itself.

The creative force is constant, as are the seismic forces in the earth. What it seeks is an opening, souls willing to create its exquisite reflections, each of which bear the imprint of its divine magic.

The important thing to remember: get busy and create something with it! No matter how feeble the attempt may feel to you – taking action on your creative impulses complete the cycle and leave the equivalent of a cheery, bright, neon “Creative Force Welcome Here” sign in front of your house.

THIS is all what’s behind what I call “artistic voice.” The whole concept of artistic voice in its purest form means literally “giving voice” to what this creative force is yearning to express through you. This is light of the highest kind. And after all, light transforms life. As well as art. And existence.

As photographers, light is our artistic medium – now how cool is THAT?

Seth & Gregory

Both of these gentlemen have unique perspectives on why this all matters… and I think different perspectives on the same notions are always useful and oh-so-fascinating.

I’ll love to hear your perspectives in the comments below!


—  Erich Fromm

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.”

— Scott Adams

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