Princess Dahlia


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For a snippet of time, she lived on her family’s estate in Butchart Gardens, Victoria, B.C. In the bloom of her youth, Princess Dahlia was the envy of all who happened by. She favored the front and center position, greeting visitors who arrived in bermuda shorts from the land of “Oooo and Aaahhh”, who regularly expressed their delight at her extraordinary beauty and countenance.

She loved it when they expressed their delight.

The snippet of time passed by quickly however, as snippets of time are wont to do. The breathtakingness that was Princess Dahlia waned and faded, and eventually passed completely. Yet she did live on…  in an online photo gallery owned by one of the visitors from the land of “Oooo and Aaahhhh”.

Who, although she didn’t wear bermuda shorts, Oooh’d and Aaahhh’d with the best of them as she captured the frames that lead to the digital magic that meant Princess Dahlia would live forever.