The Thing About Sax


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“Excuse me for horning in, but I…” he started to say.
“You big blow hard!!” she interrupted. Ooo, she was mad.
“Okayyy, but I just wanted to note that…”
“Can’t you REED??” she blurted, pointing furiously at the page on the stand.
He tried using his most calming voice, hoping it would help.
“I think you meant to say “read”. And yes I can.”
“Don’t patronize me you, you… gooseneck!!”
He paused. Gooseneck? No one had called him that in years. He kind of liked it.
“Name calling now, are we… Licorice Stick?” He purred her old stage name so quietly he wondered if she heard it. But apparently she did.
“You remembered.” she whispered.
“How could I forget, Clar?”
“Oh Sax!”

In that moment, “Canon in D” became “their” song.