LIL Galleries: Love

I love photography. I love music. I love them together, separately, it just doesn’t matter.
I love Love and know for sure that in the end, Love is All. So there you have it.
LIL Galleries is my passion project: photographs, music, voice and story (two more things I love), all rolled into one. I see it as a new form of arts gallery, really; presenting artists’ (photographer and musician alike) work in a way that tells a story. Soothes souls. Gives folks a break. Reminds us of our hearts. This particular show is a blend of old and new: it’s about a group of 20 photographers who all met and became friends on the modern day phenomenon that is Google+. Whose story of “Love” is set to a truly old fashioned tune by Bing Crosby, dated 1937. All about… yup. Love.

The “LIL” in LIL Galleries stands for “Life is Light.” Because life is, in every way possible, an expression of light. It also, of course, means “small.”

LIL Galleries presents artists in ways even they find delightfully surprising… and gives the viewer/visitor a nice feeling. You get to experience art and beauty in a truly personal and intimate way. Like nature intended. It’s presented in a little physical location at The Ford Building in Portland, Oregon. No, I really mean little: we converted a janitor’s closet into a mini movie theatre! Painted the walls in a dark charcoal (The brand – Divine Color – calls it “Leather” for some mysterious reason), and put up red velvet curtains, just like an old time movie house. Then we added matching acoustic panels, for the best quality sound we could do on a “lil” budget. I paid for everything myself. I create the shows, narrate them and love them all. Yes, it’s personal. I’m so grateful for the photographers who saw the vision and joined me for this ride; they are phenomenal, one and all. Mind you, it’s a slow-growing project; I make new shows once a month or so. It’s also completely free for anyone to go see it in person in Portland – or online at
The response has been great, even better than I expected! It feels really good when something you love is received well and loved in return.

And that’s the big take away, isn’t it? Do what you love, first and foremost. Because love truly does magnetize the miraculous.