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The Inspirarium is
the dream-child of Karen Hutton and Tanya Wallis.

We wanted to create a store. (‘Cause we LOVE to shop!)
But not JUST any store… a place where wondrous ideas are born.
A land under a crystal-clear dome of no-judgment
where ideas, inspirations, even half-baked notions could
come to life, find sustenance, and embrace the will to BE MORE!

 Karen the Californian floated in with Clouds (where she spends a fair amount of her time), raw textures – and a vision for creating the means for others to tonify, beautify and texturize their imagery.

Tanya the Aussie, with her soaring textural artistry and grounded down-under practicality helped Karen draw her ideas out of thin air, into everyday reality where everybody could play.

We poured our technicolor notions into a big soup pot and stirred. Soon, there were luminous Hues, touchable Textures and heavenly Clouds
we’d only ever dreamt of… that drifted behind, through, layered together and blended with the images that danced in our heads.

They toned our photos,
Intensified our images,
Soothed their troubled complexions,
and gave them a flush and a glow that celebrities would envy!

It caused us to see light and color and texture and depth in all new ways.
Truth be told, it was rather startling! And utterly addicting.

“Why, this is more than a store…”  we thought… “It’s… an Inspirarium!!*

Or, as defined by the “Hutton-Wallis Glossary of Unusual and Made-Up Terms”: “A protected, transparent dome or environment in which inspiration is grown”.

Take me down the Rabbit Hole… to The Inspirarium!

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