About My Photography

Photographer, Voice, Purveyor of Awesomeness.

Photography is in my blood. I’ve had a camera in my hands since I was a child; I don’t remember a time when I didn’t see the world photographically. In the same breath; storytelling. My mother loved stories. She read them to us, played records of them spoken by some of the greatest voices on the planet, brought us to the cinema. Growing up, stories transported me to magnificent worlds of all kinds on a daily basis. It was a rich and wondrous way to learn to see and create. Not to mention that I experienced visions as a child. One of them informs my art and photography to this day. You can learn more about that here.

It’s no small wonder then, that I ended up a visual storyteller. The camera has become both my paintbrush and artistic voice. Living it fully is utterly defining – and it involves a particular creative process that I love to share with my students.

The Epic Story of Awe & Wonder

Awe. That sense of goosebumpy-wonder you experience when you suddenly find yourself the presence of a something so vast it completely blows your mind and – in that instant – you understand the world in a whole new way. That feeling just never gets old. Most often I find that in nature and it moves me to tears sometimes. Landscape photography is one of my favorite genres as a result. From the epic to the most intimate, it’s like standing within the brushstroke of Creation itself. I love to let it wash over me and use my camera to tell that story.

I thrive on seeking out moments of Awe everywhere I go in the world. Sometimes these moments are big and unmistakable, sometimes they’re tiny, everyday glimpses that most people would miss. I love them all.

I am happiest when I let go and let Mother Nature reveal her magic to me. She is always surprising, unapologetic, full of wonder.

In these ways, photography helps me grow and develop both as an artist… and a human.