Fujifilm North America X-Photographer

ARTICLE: Ebb & Flow

“Ebb and Flow” At 122,160,280 acre feet, the Jewel of the Sierra flows through muted alpine plains, carrying with it a tale of two million years – reflected and rippled in tepid freshwater currents. Shaped throughout bitter ice ages, Lake Tahoe’s azure streams absorb the flushed varieties of west-coast sunlight, shimmering across a surface that…

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“Searching For Zion” with Karen Hutton

“Greatest American Road Trip”: Fujifilm Global A project for Fujifilm that I’m mighty proud of. Welcome to my first visit to Zion National Park; an epic tale, told through the eyes of a single Macro lens. Fujifilm Global article/film here.

“GRAND DESIGNS” with Karen Hutton

“Greatest American Road Trip”: Fujifilm North America Seeing Zion National Park for the very first time – equipped solely with the Fujifilm GFX100s and GF120mm Macro lens, challenged me mightily… and shifted my perception forever.

“Traveling Landscapes” with Karen Hutton

Webinar for Kenmore Camera/Seattle with Fujifilm. Join Landscape, Travel and Professional Fujifilm X-Photographer Karen Hutton as she shares her illuminating journey as she travels through countries and landscapes with her GFX 50s. It’s a story brimming with a myriad of images and perspectives, each telling a delightful tale from diverse points of view.

Fujifilm Art Calendar

KAREN HUTTON: FEATURED ARTIST I’m a paper freak. I love prints; I think they are vision made manifest. I love handling gorgeous fine art papers of all kinds. Consequently, it was a huge honor to be chosen by Fujifilm Global for their glorious Fine Art Calendar. Genre: Intimate Landscapes, from my personal collection. Printed on…

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