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The Nature of Light & Awe: How to Thrive as a Photographer

“The Nature of Light & Awe: How to Thrive“ Adorama Events What does it mean to thrive? There is no one path to success as a photographer. It’s all about combining your passions with your talents & drive. Join award-winning photographer Karen Hutton as she shares her own experiences building a successful photography business and…

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TWiP: The Intimacy of Macro Photography

INTERVIEW WITH FREDERICK VAN JOHNSON ON THIS WEEK IN PHOTO For me, Macro Photography is filmic; the ultimate character study. It’s a way seeing, thinking, being. Macro Photography also offers a beautiful way of creating art, telling a story and seeing the grand design in everyday life. I discuss all this and more with Frederick…

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TWiP: Discovering Your Creative Destiny

INTERVIEW WITH FREDERICK VAN JOHNSON ON THIS WEEK IN PHOTO From the site: “Karen and I discuss her creative approach and drive, and the force behind her relentless creativity. We also discuss her decision to switch from Mac to Windows (but she still loves her iPad). And her path to finding her “perfect camera”… spoiler,…

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Photography: Artified with Karen Hutton

Karen’s interview on Behind The Shot with Steve Brazill I chat with the amazing Steve Brazill about how I made this image “Forest of Enlightenment”. Plus, we explore creativity, finding your artistic voice and take bunch of other fun detours! Video: 52 min.

“THE WOO with Karen Hutton

I’ve got a short-format show called “THE WOO with Karen Hutton”, wherein I muse upon Inspiration, Photography and Life. New show every Wednesday! I hope you have a listen – and if you enjoy it – SUBSCRIBE!