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Bill Araujo

As usual, another terrific story. I’m glad I found you but I have to be honest. I didn’t find you on Google + but did on Scott Kelby’s “The Grid”. Thanks for the inspiration in both images and by the pen/keyboard.

Joe Hudspeth

Gads-what a girl! Thanks for the story, it is beautiful.

Glen Orsak

Awesome story Karen — I loved reading about your life transformed. Of course I loved the photography theme and the geek in me is forever curious about the power of tech and the power of social platforms. But … for me it is the arc of lives transformed that inspires. Thank you so much for sharing.…

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Guy Parkes

Very powerful presentation, keep the light, and keep telling the stories, you have a wonderful voice.

Mike Jacobs

Thanks Karen! Very well done talk. I thoroughly enjoyed your perspective.