Speaking Engagements

Known for presenting topics related to creating photographic art, inspiration, creativity and finding one’s artistic voice; I’ve been invited to speak for various groups and businesses across the U.S.

Here are a few of them:

VIDA Global Headquarters San Francisco, CA. January 2020

  • The Landscape of Awe: Inspiration behind my work, inspirations for life.

Photoshop World – Las Vegas, NV. August 2019

  • Tell the Story
  • The Landscape of Awe
  • Vision: Completed
  • Pre-conference Workshop: “The Art of Photographic Storytelling”
  • Portfolio Review

New England Camera Club Council (NECCC) Conference – Amhest, MA. July 2019

  • SEE Your WORLD: The Power of Story, Art & Awe
  • Your Artistic Voice: Journey of a Lifetime
  • Pre-conference “Seeing Photographically & The Power of Awe” workshop
  • Hands-on Photowalk/workshop
  • Portfolio Review

Photoshop World – Orlando, FL. May 2019:

  • Tell the Story
  • The Landscape of Awe
  • Vision: Completed
Karen onstage at Photoshop World, Orlando 2019

Drury’s – Nashville, TN.  April 2018:

  • Inspiration

Action Camera – Reno, NV. April 2017:

  • Your Artistic Voice: A Journey of a Lifetime

Fujilove LIVE – New York, NY. Feb. 2017:

  • Photographing from the Inside-Out
  • Visual Storytelling

Kenmore Photo Expo – Seattle, WA. Oct., 2017:

  • How I Use My Fujifilm: Paintbrush of my World
  • Your Artistic Voice

Fujifilm X-Photographers Travel & Nature Summit – Townsend, TN. Oct. 2016:

  • Inspiration: Ignite Your Spark of Divine Fire
  • How I Use My Fujifilm

Fujifilm National Sales Meeting – Naples, FL. May 2016:

  • The French X-Mirrorless Diet

Photo Plus Expo – NYC. Oct. 2017, for Skylum Software:

  • Inspiring Visions
  • Illuminate Your Artistic Voice

Looking Glass – Berkeley, CA. Oct. 2017:

  • Your Artistic Voice: A Journey of a Lifetime

Trey Ratcliff’s “Unlocking the Creative Mind” Workshop Series – Denver, CO, Guest instructor,  June 2016:

  • “Finding Your Artistic Voice

Glazer’s – Seattle, WA. June 2016:

  • Finding Your Artistic Voice

Photo Plus Expo – New York, NC. Oct. 2015:

  • Finding Your Artistic Voice
  • The French Mirrorless Diet
  • Life As Art

Macphun Software – San Francisco, CA. Keynote Speaker for West Coast Launch. Oct. 2014:

  • Capture Imaginations and Capture the World