Lessons from a Bristlecone

Hello, Bryce Canyon

The hubs and my recent trip to the Southwest started with the national parks closing a few days before we left. GAH! We came up with an alternate plan… then a couple days before returning home, the parks opened again! YAY! We were within a few hours of Bryce Canyon, so we hightailed it over there in our little rental RV. I’d never been to Bryce before and Joe wasn’t into photography on past visits, so it was kind of like a first visit in different ways for us both.

The View from Below

We’d been driving alot – one of the side effects of avoiding national parks – so we were REALLY in the mood to do some hiking. The views of the hoodoos (that’s what they call these conical formations that Bryce Canyon is known for) were iconic and epic from above… but once you drop down into them on The Navajo Trail or any other that takes you down into the canyon, it’s like Alice in Wonderland on crack!

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