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Perfectionism, Art and Life

Perfectionism and Rejection Wow, I just named this post in a way loftier manner than perhaps this photo warrants. Then again, it helps make my point. Which is… “Perfectionism” is a slippery slope when it comes to both Art… and Life. Dictionary dot come defines perfectionism this way: “a personal standard, attitude, or philosophy that…

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Moms, Choices and Life Legacies

Mother’s Day Week, 2013 Over on Google+, my good friend Brian Matiash¬†(newly head of the Google+ Photos Team) asked ¬†us to post something everyday this week over there with the hashtag #HeresToTheMoms. It’s been a special tribute to our moms and it’s been lovely! My mom shifted dimensions on July 20, 2008. But as one…

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