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Interpret the Sky, Move Your Feet

Inspiration in the Sky When conditions aren’t inviting me to venture out for some inspired shooting… I just wait for the sky. Without snow this winter in the mountains where I live, the dry, lackluster terrain just isn’t all that awesome to photograph all by itself. At least it isn’t for my taste. Maybe I’ve…

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Fantasy Forest

The Fantastical Forest Forest photos can be tough to photograph. I usually look for strong lines, perhaps a path, some kind of definite shape or structure, alignment. Then there are images like this one that follow none of those guidelines!

Stop and Smell the Monkeys

Ok, kidding about smelling monkeys. Kinda. hehheh. This spot is in New Zealand and it’s called Monkey Creek… and we stopped there. Took some photos. Smelled the clean Monkey Creek air. Of course, I was with photographers. And one thing about photography is that you tend to stop a lot more than you used to…

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