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THE CHAT with Karen Hutton: Keoki Flagg

I’ve been a fan of fine art and extreme sports photographer Keoki Flagg’s work for years. You’ll see the photo that did it for me right at the beginning of this video… I giggled when I first saw it, and still do when I see it today! It’s emotional, original and timeless. Those are the…

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The Chat with Karen Hutton: Daria Musk, Part 1

Well, the moment has arrived! Welcome to the premiere episode of The Chat!¬†WooHOOO! Everybody was EPIC with the guesses they made about WHO the first guest would BE. THANK YOU!! And now… For this auspicious debut, I chose a 2-part episode with a super star on the rise… who has a big vision about life,…

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Life As Art? Yes please!

Living Your Life As An Artist     Birds do it. Bees do it. I don’t know if educated fleas do it, because I haven’t done a careful inspection. I think more humans should do it; live their life as an artist. So here’s the thing. All my life I’ve been a people watcher. This…

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