THE CHAT with Karen Hutton: Keoki Flagg

I’ve been a fan of fine art and extreme sports photographer Keoki Flagg’s work for years. You’ll see the photo that did it for me right at the beginning of this video… I giggled when I first saw it, and still do when I see it today! It’s emotional, original and timeless. Those are the 3 qualities Keoki always says are what brings a photograph from “a picture” to “art”… a topic we talk a lot about in this episode.

We have a fantastic time chatting about photography, art, living life as an artist, some ways of approaching one’s photo work to set it apart from others’, what it’s been like to transition from the “old school” to “new digital age” of photography… what’s possible now that never was before and how he’s trying to push it to the limit.

Sitting in his fabulous Gallery Keoki, it was hard NOT to feel more artistic! It’s a beautiful space, created to hold a vision “bigger than a lifetime” (to coin my friend Daria Musk’s term!).

It was the perfect place to bring you this episode of THE CHAT with my friend Keoki Flagg.

The Chat with Karen Hutton: Daria Musk, Part 1

Well, the moment has arrived! Welcome to the premiere episode of The Chat! WooHOOO!
Everybody was EPIC with the guesses they made about WHO the first guest would BE. THANK YOU!! And now…

For this auspicious debut, I chose a 2-part episode with a super star on the rise… who has a big vision about life, giving and the power of a dream.

Singer/songwriter/musician Daria Musk became a friend and inspiration in the course of the first two years on social netowrk Google+. We hit it off immediately and discovered that we share a similar outlook on life, philosophy and approach to our art. She’s a thinker, that one. And she’s so marvelous at putting it all into words – and music – that I wanted hers to kickoff the entire series. If you haven’t met Daria; you’re in for a treat! If you already know/follow/admire Daria: you’re in for a treat!
Two-fers are G+nius!

Click here to see Part 2. We wrap our chat – and move on to some singin’!

Life As Art? Yes please!

Living Your Life As An Artist




Birds do it. Bees do it. I don’t know if educated fleas do it, because I haven’t done a careful inspection. I think more humans should do it; live their life as an artist.

So here’s the thing. All my life I’ve been a people watcher. This came in really handy in my acting days.  I discovered that if I listened with heart and great intent, I’d learn the most amazing things. One little insight could trigger an entire perceptual shift!

I always wanted to ask of the folks who succeeded in the ways I desired; how did you do it? What do you know that I need to know too? What path did you take? What pitfalls did you experience? What should I avoid… and which things should I always, always  do?

Above all… how do I wrap my head around the best way to manifest my own dreams? 

Because I learned that how you think about something determines your outcome. Every time.

I still remember reading a quote from an interview with 1940’s film star Loretta Young saying   that she never applied her makeup on in the same order every day. She felt that it was her job as an actress to be present and aware at all times; never doing anything by rote. Mixing up the order on an activity that for most people is “automatic” was simply one way she did this.

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