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Finding Your Voice: Day 5. Element.

Welcome to Day 5 of our fun series: “Finding Your Voice… 10 Days, 10 Concepts To Help You Find Your Photographic Voice” My Favorite Element is _______. Let’s talk elements. I don’t ONLY mean the natural elements of wind, earth, fire and water. I mean MANY other elements that might be part of what you’re drawn to…

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Soaking in a Sunset – with VIDA

I met with VIDA yesterday. It was A-MAZ-ING!!! (I shared what I’m working on with them in this recent post.) I’ll have photos and video soon… cause OF COURSE I want to keep y’all in the loop. I got to see sample pieces with my images on them… they’re gorrrrrgeous! Plus I got to visit…

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The Pearl That We Love

Remember the post from that day when I was in Hawaii… the entire island beckoning to me… and I had a throwback agoraphobic moment, almost not getting out the door? (if you don’t, it’s here). Well, I made it out the door. And here’s why we must never succumb to anything less than what our…

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