A Would-Be Street Photographer In Paris

So you thought I’d abandoned you? Mais non!
This “prep for travel” thing tends to take over EVERYTHING; my life, my brain, my blog posting schedule! I’m always so glad when I’m finally on the plane and can only look ahead… and not at my list yet ONE more time. Once safely landed and on my feet in a new place like oh, say, Paris… baby, it’s ON!

I’m here in the city of lights for 3 weeks and 3 different adventures. Crazy!

Valerie Jardin’s Workshop

Week 1 is with my most excellent friend Valerie Jardin‘s Paris Street Photography workshop. In fact, here’s one I just shot today:


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Shooting Nicholas

Let’s Try Some New Stuff!

If you know me at all, you know I like to try new things, experiment. If we’re just meeting for the first time… well hello! I like to try new things, experiment. Now we’re up to speed.

Last week, I went down to Southern California for a meeting – but I also made some time to go shooting. I stayed with my great friend Annette Biggers, who is an amaaaaazing photographer. (In fact, I did a Chat with her! If you haven’t seen it, you can check it out it here)
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