To Restore Order, Instill Hope

Saving Mr. Banks

The hubs and I saw “Saving Mr. Banks” the other day. LOOOOOOVED it. Bawled through about a third of it, truth to tell – which we didn’t expect AT ALL! But when something rings true in music, film, theatre, art… well, turn on the waterworks! I’ve always been like that.

There was section of the movie, where Tom Hanks’ character is talking to Emma Thompson’s. (can you say “perfect casting”??). He’s finally “gotten” her. Understood why she’s been so difficult. Is eye to eye with her, talking quietly, from his heart. He’s sharing his deepest purpose for what he does.. and says,
“…That’s what we storytellers do. We restore order with imagination. We instill hope again and again and again.”

My heart soared. My breath stopped. My eyes leaked. Yes! Yes!! That describes it perfectly… from the joy and sense the world made when my Mother read us stories as kids… to the way I feel about my art now, 50+ years later… that’s a beautiful summary. It’s what keeps me coming back, pouring my heart into the work I do – whatever it is. Because everything I do is about the story. But not just any story… the story of Uplifting.

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