Upcoming Events

Like most photographers, all of my in-person events for 2020 have been cancelled due to Covid-19.

That said, I am excited that the “teaching and sharing” portion of my world is in-part shifting to online. Upcoming events will appear here: some of the recorded past events are viewable on my Media page, scroll down to Shows & Podcasts.


OCTOBER 15-20, 2020
Begins and ends at 12 noon PT.
Find your times here.



When the clock reaches zero, IT’S OVER! 


5DayDeal. It’s not the kind of event that I typically post about. However, with its enormous value, and powerful education components; both within the Photography Bundles themselves – and the live webinars – it’s a top tier event I feel is worth sharing and promoting. To top it off: it benefits incredible Charity Partners, which I love.

What It Is

5DayDeal is a premiere event which happens once a year. The Photography Bundles are purchasable at a DRASTICALLY reduced price – for 5 days only. That’s the entry level explanation. I explain its other features below.

I’m supporting it this year as an affiliate member… because I both believe in the event and because a couple of my own partners are part of it too (Smugmug and Kelbyone). NOTE: When you use the 5DayDeal web-links I’ve posted here, they do give me credit. Thank for that!

Here’s a video I made that explains my own personal WHY 5DAYDEAL?
Because for me, it’s personal.

BTW… as part my promotion of the event, I’m offering exclusive content to my email subscribers. Sign up at the bottom of this page if you’d like to receive it!




Beyond the sale itself, there is a free, live educational component, which are part of the 5DayDeal Digital Summit.
The FREE WEBINARS are slated to run on October 17&18, 2020.

Zero cost to join those: but you do have to register and space is limited!



The Giveaway

Enter to win. Here’s what’s up for grabs:

(34) Flickr 12-Month Pro Memberships 
(6) SmugMug 12-Month Pro Memberships
(3) Peak Design Travel Tripods
(3) Peak Design Everyday Backpacks
(1) 13” MacBook Pro

Physical prizes: U.S. only. Digital prizes: global.



Charity Partners

Since it began in 2014, 5DayDeal has raised over $2 million for its Charity Partners. I love this aspect of the event! It’s a way to give back in MUCH bigger ways than I could ever do alone. This year, Make-A-Wish Colorado, Mercy Ships, Orbis and the 5DayDeal Foundation (which makes all of this possible) are the 2020 recipients.



The Video

This pretty much explains the rest!