Upcoming Events

Like most photographers, events for the first part of 2021 have been cancelled due to Covid-19.

That said, I am excited that the “teaching and sharing” portion of my world has in-part shifted to online events. Upcoming ones will appear here: some recorded past events are viewable on my Media page, scroll down to Shows & Podcasts.



August 13-14, 2021
Virtual Conference

The Sedona Photography Symposium’s 2021 scheduled event “Unleash Your Inner Artist” has been modified from a live event to a live virtual conference to be held on Friday, August 13, 9 AM – 2:30 PM MST and Saturday, August 14, from 9 AM – 2:00 PM MST.


“We are delighted to be able to offer our world-class symposium presentations in streaming form. In addition to eliminating the continuing uncertainties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, this allows us to dramatically lower the ticket price, providing an extraordinary value for our audience!”

I’m thrilled to be on board as an instructor. Not only am I presenting a class on a topic which is near and dear to my heart: “Finding Your Signature Voice in Photography“, but I am doing so amidst a world-class roster of instructors:

Join me with Deb Sandidge, Dan Ballard, John Barclay, Brenda Tharp, Adam Schallau and Mike Moats for some serious landscape love!

SATURDAY, August 14th

9:00AM to 10:00AM PDT (MST)  
Feature Presentation:  Finding Your Signature Voice in Photography  with Karen Hutton

The power of embedding YOU into your photography.

In this presentation, I share a philosophy of photography that weaves art, life, soul and the Power of Awe to create signature work. 

As artists, we have an opportunity to shift perceptions and uplift our audience with our work through unique ways of looking at the world. The challenge: with light and time as our media, we have mere moments to do it! How do you crack the code?  

Developing “signature” in your work is one way. It sets you apart as an artist; it identifies your images as  having a unique “voice”. When the essence of YOU is embedded into the very pixels of your images, they become unique, regardless of photographic genre. Signature work tells a powerful story, it conveys emotion, harnesses the creative force of your soul’s genius – and yes, it makes a highly specific statement! 

Using thought provoking imagery, I take you on a personal journey.  Along the way, I’ll show you a system for transforming your world into consistently and creatively awe inspiring imagery. It’s an approach that leaves you feeling more grounded, focused and less distracted by your own mind chatter. More than just “inner game”… it’s a practical approach that brings your soul’s voice and creativity to bear in your imagery, informing each decision, resulting in consistently awe-inspired personal and professional work. 

Check out the full event schedule – and join us online for a fabulous 2 days!