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Although live (in-person) events for 2021 have been cancelled due to Covid-19, I am excited that the “teaching and sharing” portion of my world is happening online! Upcoming ones will appear here: some recorded past events are viewable on my Media page, scroll down to Shows & Podcasts.



Sept 24-Oct 17, 2021

September is my birthday month! This year I decided I wanted to give back. So I’ve created a month-long event to benefit an organization doing incredible work, right here in my neighborhood: The Wild Horse Connection.

Yep, I have wild horses right in my ‘hood. Having been raised with horses, plus spending 45 years as a horse trainer… they are not only near and dear to my heart, but part of the fabric of my being.

The intersection where civilization meets wild doesn’t always go well. Challenges abound for both sides – and it’s no different here. But Wild Horse Connection (WHC), working alongside the Nevada Department of Agriculture and Law Enforcement, does a masterful job of managing and advocating for the wild.

Wild horses are a bit different than other wild animals: they are naturally curious and have an affinity for human connection. These very qualities have created an equine-human relationship going back thousands of years. So their behaviour is a bit different than your typical deer/bear/coyote in our part of the world. It takes a different approach.

I’ve watched the Wild Horse Connection volunteers work and even lent a hand on occasion. Their dedication is astounding. Their leadership is strong. They do an incredible job on a shoestring.

THIS YEAR I WANT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. What better use of art than to benefit the very creature who has inspired me, lifted me up with I was on my knees, taught how to BE?

From now until October 17, 2021 you can not only donate to the WHC efforts, but do it whilst entering to win a gorgeous fine art print OR an hour long one-on-one session with me!

GOAL: $2500

I made a video explaining more on the page too – you can check it all out here.

Watch the either the Instagram Live or Facebook Live I did with Corenna Vance, President + Founder of Wild Horse Connection to kick it all off!