Upcoming Events

Like most photographers, events for the first part of 2021 have been cancelled due to Covid-19.

That said, I am excited that the “teaching and sharing” portion of my world has in-part shifted to online events. Upcoming ones will appear here: some recorded past events are viewable on my Media page, scroll down to Shows & Podcasts.

MAY 2021


Kelbyone’s Conferences are just so dang much fun – and you learn so much!

My session? It’s called MACRO: UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL

I’ll be sharing sweet perspectives on Macro photography that you can put into play immediately! They’re geared for outdoor wonders… but Macro is more than you think.

It’s a way of thinking. A way of seeing the world – even life itself. It teaches you Perspective. Opens your eyes to patterns and designs all around you, even in your own house

Macro photography is a massive creativity kick-starter, when approached a certain way – which is exactly what I’m going to share! I’m really looking forward to this one; I hope you’ll join me!

AUGUST, 2021

August 12-15, 2021
Sedona, AZ

Postponed from 2020, the Sedona Photo Symposium is back on the books!
NOTE: Of course, as the world unfolds, do keep an eye out here and on their website for any changes due to Covid-19.

Taking place in the gorgeous American Southwest, the symposium’s theme is “UNLEASH YOUR INNER ARTIST”… and I’m thrilled to be on board as an instructor.

The event happens in 3 phases:
Pre-Symposium, Main Symposium and Post-Symposium.

First up, I’m excited to be leading a super fun, 3-day Pre-Symposium workshop called:   

The Art of Landscape & Storytelling (and Beyond!)” 
August 8-11, 2021

In this “inner meets outer game” workshop, you’ll learn to:

  • Prepare: how to set yourself up to succeed, every time, anywhere. (That’s the inner game)
  • Focus your brain in a very different way through the neuroscience of “soft fascination”.
  • Vastly enhance your creative thinking and ability to immerse yourself and expand your vision (literally!) as you draw upon the science of Awe.
  • Convey emotion and meaning by leveraging the tools of the craft with the Power of Specificity to your advantage.
  • Exponentially expand the scope of each shoot by telling a bigger story. Hint: it includes local history, culture, a sense of place and circumstances told in a whole new way.
  • Create a visual narrative of your entire immersive experience; from intimate, personal scenes – to the grand landscape and beyond.
  • Create your own unique approach to any subject as you apply the rules of classical Storytelling to your Visual Narrative.
  • Walk away from your next photo adventure with not just one – but an entire book of images that tell a multi-layered story of your own Awe-inspired experience.
  • Feel fist-pumpingly confident that you’re crushing it every time you pick up your camera!

Then, during the main symposium I’ll be heading up three more events:

Field Outing:
Create Your Own Book of Adventure”
August 13, 2021

Create your own “Book of Adventure”.

No, this isn’t about writing a book. Or is it? We are, after all, the authors of our own lives. In that spirit, why should a landscape (or ANY) shoot be any different?

When you go out to photograph a place, be it familiar or new, sunset or sunrise, include water, trees, mountains or what have you… do you ever think of walking away with an entire book of photographs to tell the divine story of your experience? Not just one shot: but a hundred of them? Full of variety, a myriad of perspectives, angles, expressions, perceptions and a soaring sense of AWE? Oh my. Are you in for a treat!

In “Leave Not Pixel Behind”, you’ll see the natural world as one full of possibilities in a whole new way. Through unique exercises, drills and a mini scavenger hunt for images, you’ll walk away with the “book of your adventure” on your memory card – and you’ll leave no pixel behind in your wondrous exploration.

Join us for a gorgeous early morning shoot in the Sedona countryside with a sense of adventure, an open heart and a desire to SEE DIFFERENT!

Feature Presentation:
August 14, 2021

The power of embedding YOU into your photography.

In this presentation, I share a philosophy of photography that weaves art, life, soul and the Power of Awe to create signature work. 

As artists, we have an opportunity to shift perceptions and uplift our audience with our work through unique ways of looking at the world. The challenge: with light and time as our media, we have mere moments to do it! How do you crack the code?  

Developing “signature” in your work is one way. It sets you apart as an artist; it identifies your images as  having a unique “voice”. When the essence of YOU is embedded into the very pixels of your images, they become unique, regardless of photographic genre. Signature work tells a powerful story, it conveys emotion, harnesses the creative force of your soul’s genius – and yes, it makes a highly specific statement! 

Using thought provoking imagery, I take you on a personal journey.  Along the way, I’ll show you a system for transforming your world into consistently and creatively awe inspiring imagery. It’s an approach that leaves you feeling more grounded, focused and less distracted by your own mind chatter. More than just “inner game”… it’s a practical approach that brings your soul’s voice and creativity to bear in your imagery, informing each decision, resulting in consistently awe-inspired personal and professional work. 

Breakout Session:
“The Power of Specificity”

When photographic art misses the mark, it’s usually suffering from “Wandering Generality Syndrome”. Choices that aren’t specific enough. A point of view that isn’t thought out well enough, committed enough or worse yet, missing altogether. What’s more, we often doubt ourselves and the choices we DO make, which muddies the whole process even more! Ack! What’s a mother to do??

This crazy-fun 3-hour session gets back to basics. I mean, play-like-a-kid basics. And we do it (some would say) in highly unlikely ways. (Those are the best!) It’s about creating awesomeness outside the box, having a laugh-out-loud good time doing it! Without giving TOO much away (keeping a few things under the hat is, after all, part of the fun), know that this session is full of delightful surprises, take-pictures-like-a-ninja action and “WHO KNEW?? I’M AN ARTIST!” realizations.

How does this happen in 2 hours? Well, suffice it to say you won’t be bored.  Join us and find out how The Art of Specificity in photography can be more fun than you ever imagined!