Tonality Pro and Options

Options in Life… and Post Processing

A girl loves her options.

I’m ridiculous about it. Ideas or plans without options are useless to me. Snoresville. Like spandex that only comes in black. No options? Whuuuuut?? I do not speak this strange language!

To give you but a small (trust me, it’s small for me!) example of this in photographic terms, I give you 5 images. One original, 4 variations done in Tonality Pro by Macphun Software. I’m doing a free webinar next week on this very plugin. I do SO love to set the stage ahead of time in a properly conspiratorial manner. My husband would guffaw right now. In fact, he probably WILL give a hearty snort when he reads this! (which he will.)

The first one is the original, processed before I discovered the mighty Macphun  in Adobe Camera Raw… except for that bit of clouds in the upper right corner, which I tucked in there using Photoshop. Cause this girl does NOT suffer boring, colorless skies easily, nor does she intend to start anytime soon! It should come as no surprise to learn THAT’S a whole other story. (Coming soon to a blog near you).

The Paragon of Paint

But our story for today begins here, at an incredibly run down building in Queens, NY. It was so urbex and cool. It also cracked me up, because of the paint job on a building which is the home of Paragon Paint. I took it as a single shot on my Sony NEX-7. (Yes, I’m still carrying it!)

Enter Tonality Pro by Macphun Software  and one of my very own presets. I named it Cheeky Monkey, because it is so very audacious. But it sure is a fun and BOLD approach to this type of photo! I had one of first of many big grins as I started venturing outside of the strictly black and white zone with Tonality Pro. The day I created I knew TP and I were going to be great friends.

After that, I wanted to go back to some more subtle and monochromatic. Y’know, get chill. Be cool. So I created this preset and named it “Chill”. Cooler tones, a teensy bit of glow for a slightly softer feel. Y’know. Chillin.’

Then I wanted to get warm again. I so love the warm warm tones. Plus a little depth in the tones. It felt to me like settling in… taking a breath… getting comfortable.

Finally… just something basic. Straight forward. Plain. Simple. Being me, I usually start more dramatic and work my way back to basic. Hey, it’s a personal style! hehheh.

But you know how long it took to create all these? Ummm… a total of about 2 minutes. Would’ve been less, but I had to test. Y’know, a little more this… a titch more of that… what if I try this thing over there… what the heck does THAT do? That sort of thing.

The hardest part of Tonality Pro? Making up your mind about your favorite look and option!

So that’s just a little flavor-flav of the sort of stuff I’m planning to show and talk about in next week’s webinar. I hope you can join us! I’d love to have some familiar peeps in the house. You know who you are. 😀

You can join!  Sign up by clicking this link! Or this one: Options abounding!

If you end up buying yourself some Macphun Tonality Pro (or any other product) love… use the code *KHUTT* for 10% off your purchase! And yes, of course it’ll put a little change in my pocket – that’s how that whole things works. But ONLY buy it if you think you’ll love it! If so… do it! Then go create something awesome. 😀