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Welcome to “The Artist’s Voice Adventures”

I love creating “next level” experiences that are both fun and expansive. But be warned: they aren’t your father’s photo workshops!

Want to know more about my retreats and workshops? Click here for an overview and history. Otherwise, here’s what’s coming up:

October 6-11, 2019: Lake Tahoe/Truckee

It’s a photography retreat.
It’s an awesome adventure.
It’s how we roll, baby.

I know that YOU, my friend, are itching for a way to connect photographic technique with your artistic, expressive voice inside – and deftly weave it into the pixels of your images.

You crave that leap from “Pretty darn good” to “OMG!!” photos. You want to tell stories with your images; share a feeling, an emotion, transport people with your art.
You want it to be fun. Delicious. A whole-body experience worth singing about.

You know it’s in there somewhere. You can feel it in your bones

The time is NOW! An artistic adventure of a lifetime beckons…

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