Let’s Go!

Locks Off, Let’s Roll!

OK, that’s literally the title of this photo: “Let’s go!”. Bicycle waiting, no locks, no limitations… just ready and waiting to get rolling!

I can relate to this, oh yes I can!

This is a rework of an older photo, taken a couple of years ago in Lucca, Italy. I admit it; I got just a WEE bit obsessed with these Italian-bikes-leaning-on-walls. Looked for them at every turn. Made my poor hubs stop while I snapped each and every one!

It’s possible that you’ll see this on a garment soon. Possible, I say. It was one of the images short-listed over at VIDA, where I’m one of the new designers for Spring. I have a meeting coming up. There COULD be samples involved. Ssshhh! our secret. ;))

Saying that I’m excited is a vast understatement.

But saying that I’m locks-off ready to roll SO is not!
How about you?

Who’s got cool stuff going on? Tell us! Tell us!!