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From iPhone to Aha!

The Painful Realization This photo was taken with an iPhone. Why? Because that’s all I had on hand! ARGH! I’m grateful that I was able to capture it somehow, BUT… I also started kicking myself over the obvious… never leave home without your camera! The full frame one. Hey, I’m human. Prone to mistakes, big…

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LIL Galleries: Love

I love photography. I love music. I love them together, separately, it just doesn’t matter. I love Love and know for sure that in the end, Love is All. So there you have it. LIL Galleries is my passion project: photographs, music, voice and story (two more things I love), all rolled into one. I…

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LIL Galleries Presents: Alan Shapiro: "My Heart"

LIL Galleries Presents: Alan Shapiro. Consuming love. Primal hunger and desire. Passion abounding. Your heart will take flight! Alan’s birds are stunning, funny, striking, complex. Those of you who haven’t met them yet, oh lucky you; you are in for such a treat! For more about my sweet LIL Galleries project: LIL Galleries.