From iPhone to Aha!

The Painful Realization

This photo was taken with an iPhone. Why? Because that’s all I had on hand! ARGH! I’m grateful that I was able to capture it somehow, BUT…
I also started kicking myself over the obvious… never leave home without your camera! The full frame one.

Hey, I’m human. Prone to mistakes, big and small. It bites sometimes, I’ll admit it.
Situation: I’m out of town. Where I’m staying I can’t see the sky, unlike home where I can see for miles and am always in touch with what’s going on in the natural world around me. Right now,  I’m cranking out content for a deadline, facing the baleful monitor screen of my laptop, all. Dang. Day.

Late in the day, the hubs and I decide to go out for a walk and get some air. About 20 minutes, out, I realize what’s happening in the sky. The makings of an EPIC sunset. And we’re on the coast, near beaches. Oy. Not enough time to go back and grab my DSLR. Well, at least we can go enjoy the moment. Breeeeathe.

Within a half hour… the sky lit up and I nearly wept. Still… thank god for iPhones!
I was almost in physical pain for a bit, until I managed to turn it around. And I did…

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LIL Galleries: Love

I love photography. I love music. I love them together, separately, it just doesn’t matter.
I love Love and know for sure that in the end, Love is All. So there you have it.
LIL Galleries is my passion project: photographs, music, voice and story (two more things I love), all rolled into one. I see it as a new form of arts gallery, really; presenting artists’ (photographer and musician alike) work in a way that tells a story. Soothes souls. Gives folks a break. Reminds us of our hearts. This particular show is a blend of old and new: it’s about a group of 20 photographers who all met and became friends on the modern day phenomenon that is Google+. Whose story of “Love” is set to a truly old fashioned tune by Bing Crosby, dated 1937. All about… yup. Love.

The “LIL” in LIL Galleries stands for “Life is Light.” Because life is, in every way possible, an expression of light. It also, of course, means “small.” Continue reading “LIL Galleries: Love”