Inspirarium FAQ

I lost my download file link! The dog ate it, I swear!!

After you buy your product, you will be directed to a page that will contain a download link. Additionally, your email receipt will contain the link.  If you still can’t find your link contact us so we can resend it.
If you created an account on you can log in to your account and find your download link there.

I’m having trouble downloading files. What is wrong?

Some files are pretty big! Our textures range from about 7 – 11 MB each, and eBooks up to 30 MB, so they will take a while to download. The time taken all depends on your bandwidth speed, so please be patient. We promise they’re worth waiting for 🙂

Can I order a hard copy of the files instead of a download?

No, We don’t currently offer any of our digital products by physical means. They are by download only, delivered by stardust

Are there video tutorials to show how to use and install the products on this site?

Yes! We have video tutorials and how-to’s for using our textured hues and clouds, and more coming all the time. See our wacky ‘Quick-Tips’ on our video tutorial page.

Who can I contact if I have any further questions?

If you have any other questions about your downloads, please send us an email at [email protected] so we can help.

Do you host workshops?

Karen helps to host many mastery workshops, but has yet to find the time to host her own. We plan on releasing many more video tutorials in the coming months, so stay tuned…

Do you sell prints of your work?

Yes we do! See and for fine art collections and editions as well as Image prints and abstracts.
For inspiration for what you can do with textured hues, or to purchase some of Karen’s finished works, please visit her very own Texturarium

Which programs will support your products?

Adobe Photoshop (PS), Photoshop Elements (PSE) and Gimp support both textures and cloud overlays.

ibooks, Adobe PDF reader or other reading software is needed for eBook Products

Should you have any doubts, ask us before purchasing. Thanks




Terms of Use & Agreement

By purchasing any products from Karen Hutton’s store, you are agreeing
to the following terms of use:

✦ All textures, cloud backgrounds, Ebooks, Voice Programs or other products purchased and/or downloaded from from The Inspirarium Store, and Karen Hutton are copyrighted. You are granted Royalty-Free, non-exclusive, non-sub licensable use of all products. Products can be used solely by the purchaser. You may not share, distribute, sell or claim the products as your own.

✦ Images that you create using the Texture, Hue and Cloud overlay products can be shared freely & publicly

✦ The Products themselves may not be shared in their un-edited form; that is, you may not post the texture or cloud images, or Ebook files, or Voice programs anywhere online or share them via public or private sites.

✦ Artists, photographers, designers, scrapbookers and gamers may use the textures and clouds backgrounds in personal or commercial creations. No links or credits are required —although are certainly appreciated where appropriate.

Examples of Acceptable Use Under This Agreement:

Client Work: Photographers and scrapbookers may use texture/cloud images for their clients, but files must be provided as flattened or printed art. Files may not be distributed in ways that will allow them to extract the assets from the file or to be re-used as a template, texture, etc.

Marketing: The Inspirarium’s textures/clouds images may be used in self-promotional marketing materials. For instance, incorporating elements into your own logo is fine, as long as the file is changed and integrated into your design.

Artists/Photographers: Artists and photographers may create works using these texture/cloud images to sell on their own websites. Products can not be sold as is, they must be integrated into the final piece.

Stock Art/Photography: You may use The Inspirarium’s texture/cloud images photography/artwork for sale by stock agencies if the product has been integrated into your own artwork and can no longer be used as a graphic resource. You may not use these assets for templates, textures or other graphic resources that will be for resale. “””

Karen Hutton & Tanya Wallis
Terms of Use & Agreement

Examples of Use That Violates This Agreement:

✦ You may not share or re-sell any of Karen Hutton’s textures/clouds images, eBooks, Voice Programs or other products obtained from the Inspirarium Store on
✦ You may not make derivatives of textures/clouds backgrounds, eBooks, Audio, Images or any graphic resource. Karen Hutton’s images must be integrated so that they can no longer be used as a graphic resource.

If you have any questions regarding these terms or about anything not listed here, please contact Karen Hutton at [email protected].


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