10 Steps To Finding Your Voice eBook


In “10 Steps To Finding Your Voice”, Photographer, Speaker, Educator, Visionary and Voice Karen Hutton shares over 70 pages of stunning images, inspirational words and a specific way of discovering your unique, artistic “voice” in photography. It doesn’t stop at photos, though… these are concepts that apply to an artfully lived life!

“Whether it’s your Photographic Voice, Artists Voice, Physical Voice or Writers Voice.. being able to make yourself seen and heard in the way your soul wants… Is Life-Changing”
– Karen Hutton.


10 Steps to Finding Your Voice

If you’ve ever wanted to make your photography more artful, more unique and more YOU… then you’ll enjoy this eBook! Karen has drawn from a lifetime in the arts and over 40 years of teaching to share 10 simple concepts that’ll help you make your artistic choices more specific and more uniquely your own. You have a way of seeing the world that is like no other. In order to infuse that point of view, or “voice” into your work, you have follow the bread crumb trail of what you LOVE in very specific and well-justified ways. This eBook gives you a template for doing just that!

It’s personal. It’s specific. It’s about discovering what makes your heart leap with delight. It’s all about identifying the exact elements that best express what you want to convey in an image before you even pick up your camera. You can say it’s about photography; but this way of seeing can open you up to possibilities well beyond the lens. After all, your “voice” is as unique as your fingerprint!


Length: 70+ pages of stunning images, inspirational words and well-explained concepts.

Format: PDF (Vertical format)

File Size: 25.2  MB

Published: February 26, 2016

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Book Excerpt:

“It’s not about sliders or camera settings, I’ll tell you that. Those things are by-products. This is about finding your voice in your work. For this, I’m defining “voice” as a unique point of view and way of seeing the world. For me, that has developed throughout a lifetime of experiences that encompasses horses, figure skating, dance, performing, acting, singing, voice overs, writing, bring in relationships, having my heart broken – and healed again, nearly dying – but not dying, being a child who had visions, talked to God, saw the world other-dimensionally a lot of the time, couldn’t figure out what kind of hell she’d fallen into in the beginning… but grew to love this place called Earth.

You haven’t had these exact experiences; you’ve had your own. These experiences certainly don’t define Who You Are… but they have shaped the unique way you see the world. They inform what you most desire… and desire is awesome.”

Karen on “Finding Your Voice: A 10 Step Series”

“I want to thank everyone for their support! This is something near and dear to my heart and soul and I’m thrilled to share it with you. This is only the beginning! Whether we refer to a photographic voice, your artist’s voice, your writer’s voice, or your actual/physical voice, … being able to make yourself seen and heard in the way your soul wants to is life-changing. It’s life-affirming. It sets a wave in motion that creates its own gravitational force; drawing to you the things, people and experiences that make your spirit soar and make you so DAMN glad you came to this Earth.

I can’t always explain how it works… only that it does. It’s been a theme throughout my life and my 40+ years of teaching. It wove itself into the very fabric of everything I’ve ever done…”