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A Season of New Beginnings

Like a Fiery Birth of Fabulocity “Like a Brainstorm.” “Like a Lake Tahoe Vortex.” “Like the Eye of Sauron fallen over onĀ its side.” “Whuuuuut?” I hear you wondering. “What’s IN that chia-and-flax-seeds-in-yogurt mash you’ve been eating??” I see moments like the one above and it’s double take. No.. triple take! No, quick… write the first…

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Simple Pleasures

I’m Not Particularly Simple. But Sometimes… Simple is good. Like a pat on the back, a refreshing minty drink – or staring at the sky when the sky is on fire whilst out for a walk. The latter was my reality selection a couple of weeks ago, when I wanted to get awaaaayyyyyy from the…

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