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An Ocean of Perspectives

Brand New Ocean Image This started as a simple photo post of a spankin’ new image, which I took with my Sony A7ii… then it took off from there. Typical! But imagery first… This isĀ from a lovely spot on the California coast, just north of Santa Cruz. I like coming here because it’s got several…

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The Wide View

Another Panorama? Goodness, I’m on FIRE! For someone who eschews the mighty panorama, I’ve certainly created a record number of them lately! Mind you, two in the same month IS some kind of record for me… hahaha! For some reason that I have not yet fathomed, I’ve been drawn to panoramacize certain scenes of late.…

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4 Mile Beach

We were waiting for sunset. This is never a problem at the beaches around Santa Cruz, CA. Actually I’m pretty much never at a loss for what to do while I wait for sunset! In this case, I just had to capture some of the swirling waters around these rocks. But I wanted the water…

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