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River of Rainbows

One evening, I was lucky enough to be driving through the mountains on my way home when the photo I posted here happened. But that’s not what caused me to careen off the freeway onto the nearest off-ramp just a bit earlier, ¬†eyes glued to the sky and scamper off into the rocks with thongs…

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The Thing About HDR Photography

Mention “HDR”… then Duck! Mere mention of “HDR Photography” can be very polarizing amongst photographers. There are thems that love it – and thems that think HDR is the end of civilization as we know it. Or something along those apocalyptic lines. I like shooting HDR (High Dynamic Range). It’s fun. I like color –…

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Silky Water and HDR

I love silky water, but as a rule I don’t use filters. I do own a Lee Big Stopper (10-stop neutral density)… but I only break it out once in awhile for variety. I don’t have anything against filters. Alot of my friends create astounding images with them. But it boils down to personal preference.…

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