Behind-the-Scenes with Makana

Recently, I did an episode of “The Chat” with slack key guitar master Makana. Can you say “AWESOME”??

Seeing Another Perspective

Every show I do immerses me in someones’s world. I can’t tell you how much I love that. It’s one of the things I enjoyed most about my acting career: getting to experience life through someone else’s perspective. With this show, I get to do that AND tell a story! Heavenly beyond description.

As for Makana, my sister Tina actually introduced me to his music years ago. She has an incredible gift for scoping out incredible musicians on the rise… and after hearing her rave about Makana for awhile, I had to go see what she was going on about. Yup, she was right! The real deal.

If you missed my Chat with Makana, well just click this link to see it.

An Artist of Many Facets (and Faces!)

The thing about Makana is, he’s an artist of many facets.

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THE CHAT with Karen Hutton: Makana

Check this dream off the list: “Do an episode of ‘The Chat’ with Makana“. Done. Check. Sigh.

Makana 101:

Makana is an internationally acclaimed slack key guitarist, singer, and composer. Described as “dazzling” by the New York Times, he is considered to be the greatest living player of the art form. His song “Deep In An Ancient Hawaiian Forest” is featured on the Academy Award winning soundtrack for The Descendents with George Clooney. He’s toured with Sting, Carlos Santana, Elvis Costello and Jason Mraz. Appeared on CNN, the BBC, ABC and other major news outlets. He has played for the President. His newest album “Ripe” was produced by a multi-platium producer and boasts contributions by grammy award winning talent.

Music in a Redwood Forest

Despite all the heady accolades, for our Chat Makana just wanted to be somewhere natural and peaceful, where music could lead the conversation. So that’s exactly what we did. We schlepped our gear into an ancient redwood forest in Felton, California. We talk about what slack key guitar, what it’s all about, the tuning, his thoughts on the true nature of activism… and he plays segments of several of his well-known songs all throughout. Plus, I got to hear a funny brand new tune that I’d never heard before!

SO THRILLED to bring you… Makana.

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