Fans and Friends in France

What Was Your Favorite Part?

People have been asking me what my favorite moment was in France. I just can’t answer that! Honestly, there were so many “favorite moments”; all leading up to some major “aha’s” in my life. (They’re going to take some time to internalize, too.) It’s like the entire trip as a whole was my favorite moment! Plus, the month happened in chapters, each unique and amazing. For instance…

One really super cool thing was traveling about the countryside toward the end of our trip. I LOVED that. That’s the ‘real’ France. Major cities like Paris are awesome. Not-to-be-missed. But if you want to meet the real people, you have to get out into the heartlands. In this case, though – it’s HOW all that happened that was so cool… Continue reading “Fans and Friends in France”