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Cheers to Zabriskie!

Winding Down with Zabriskie Point It’s been busy, brain-bendy and learning curvy lately and I still have more to do! It is, after all, a long and thrill-packed road we’re navigating. But here, it’s late afternoon on a Friday and I’m drifting toward a weekend state of mind. I thought a new image from a…

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Photography: Got Signature?

I get asked about my photo processing alot. It’s a challenging question. For me, processing a photo starts before I even press the shutter.  I take a picture when it tells a story, moves me in some specific way, sings to me (really!) – all of which ends up as this fluttery feeling in my…

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Milford Sound Woke Moody That Morning

Rainy, rainy the night before, Milford Sound woke moody and blue in the morning. It happened sometimes, and it frankly wished the tourists would quite imagining that every day was sunshine and fairies. It sent a sand fly to bite one of them standing there with a camera. Yeah. That kind of moody. The day the…

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