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Photo Processing Doldrums: Begone!

When you first see this photo, what’s your first reaction? Do you know what it is? Does it make you curious? Does it irritate you? Entice you? Make you tilt your head like the RCA dog? Yawn? Judge it in some way? Er, what? Mind you, I didn’t create it with any particular reaction in…

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Tall Trees, Towering

I visit the Redwoods whenever I can. I’ve talked about my history of swinging through the trees in a previous postĀ (click the link to see it). Here, there are some bay trees in the mix; they’re the ones with broaderĀ leaves and thinner trunks in the foreground. They smell awesome and add some nice variety to…

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Mirror Lake, New Zealand

Imagine that this is called “Mirror Lake”. Go ahead, imagine it! ‘Cause it would be true. On the way to Milford Sound, you can get out to stretch your legs, take a little 5 minute walk and enjoy this view of the Earl Mountains. This photo is a sneak peek into the story of my…

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