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NYC & Photo Plus Expo

I’m in New York City! Woot! I’ll be here for 10 days. What brings me here is Photo Plus Expo. Ever hear of it? It’s the largest photography conference and expo in North America. Yep, she’s a big’un. Even more specifically, I’m here to speak as part of the Fuji-X Photographer team. Exciting! By the…

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Shoot Better Forest Photos

Shhhh, not a word. The forest is thinking. I love perspective, leading lines and journeys. I love light that changes and makes you feel like something special is happening. I love trees that think. Although, I’m quite sure it’s not the same as people thinking. Hence, I cannot resist a moment like this… much less…

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Tall Trees, Towering

I visit the Redwoods whenever I can. I’ve talked about my history of swinging through the trees in a previous postĀ (click the link to see it). Here, there are some bay trees in the mix; they’re the ones with broaderĀ leaves and thinner trunks in the foreground. They smell awesome and add some nice variety to…

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