And Now For A Message From the Creative Force

A Message From… 

SOOOO many fantastic conversations are going on lately, all stemming from the whole “artistic voice” idea. I see it in communities where participants from my workshops and retreats gather… and in the greater artistic community, who is experiencing an even more persistent “Ahem!” from their creative souls than ever before. Continue reading “And Now For A Message From the Creative Force”

LIL Galleries: Shifting Gears

I have an awesome little project called  LIL Galleries. On the website, I describe it as new kind of art gallery; a tasty multimedia blend photographic art, music and story. The name has two meanings. One… “L’il”… refers to the fact that it’s small. Personal. Intimate. Experiencing art the way it was intended; just the two of you.

The other spelling (which is the one I chose to use) is “LIL” and it’s meaning much closer to my heart: “Life is Light”, from both a photographer and a soul perspective. It’s the tagline I’m using more and more of the time in my work. It fits me both as a photographer, because we capture light – and as a person, because I really do feel that life IS light.

Here’s an example of one of the shows, “My Heart” by Alan Shapiro:
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