The Arcanum: Meet Karen Hutton

The Arcanum Prepares

I mentioned some time back that I’m part of “The Arcanum: Magical Academy of Artistic Mastery“. Sounds fun, huh? It’s a new kind of school for the arts being created by awesome photographer and friend Trey Ratcliff.  While it’s starting off with photography as the primary discipline, the vision is to branch out over time into other artistic channels. Here’s how he describes how it’ll work:

“A very old… ancient, in fact… way of learning and growing through a Master & Apprentice relationship, powered by a NEW kind of academy. Imagine a type of Hogwarts, online in Augmented Reality, where you always have a connection to your Master and your fellow Apprentices. Get your head around that, and you’ll see where this is going…”

I’m excited! I’m starting out as a Master under the discipline of Landscape Photography. We’re all choosing one to start with, then opening it up to other genres later if we want to. We’ve been asked to create 5 videos to go in the Grand Library, so that when doors finally open there’s some awesome content for apprentices to enjoy and learn from right away. One of the videos needed to be a “Hello, I’m _____” introduction.

Here’s mine, created just for The Arcanum:

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