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Coming Monday: The Chat with Vic Gundotra!

Sneak Peak! Here’s a sneak peak at what’s coming this Monday… when my guest will be Vic Gundotra! Vic is the Senior Vice President of Social at Google. He and his team are the innovators behind Google+, which sees 1.5 billion photos uploaded every week as of this show – and growing. Vic graciously agreed…

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The Chat with Karen Hutton – Promo Due

Promo Week is almost up! I’m gulping a little bit out of what, nerves… excitement… giddiness? Oh yeah, I should breathe! This weekend I’ll be sharing who my first guest is; the perfect person to kick off this series for oh-so-many-reasons! For now, here’s your Friday reminder; “The Chat” starts Monday! And it’ll appear every…

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The Chat with Karen Hutton: First Peek!

Welcome to Promo Tuesday! First sneak peek into what-the-heck is going on over here. Oh don’t worry, I’m not spilling ALL the beans just yet. 😉 But I wanted you to have SOME clue before I tell you more about how all this came to be. Oh- and one more tidbit: The Chat will be…

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