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Beauty Awakens Us

Would You…? The questions cycles around with irregular regularity: “If you knew __________________ (the world were ending, this was your last day on the planet… you know, fill in the blank with whatever dire thingie you choose)… would you still photograph?” Two things always come pop into my mind on that one… First: you really…

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Tall Trees, Towering

I visit the Redwoods whenever I can. I’ve talked about my history of swinging through the trees in a previous postĀ (click the link to see it). Here, there are some bay trees in the mix; they’re the ones with broaderĀ leaves and thinner trunks in the foreground. They smell awesome and add some nice variety to…

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The Fork in the Forest

Who doesn’t love a redwood forest? There is something so prayerful and majestic about them. The big daddies amongst them are thousands of years old and they stand testament to the passage of time, of beingness. Something we flighty humans could stand to learn a whole lot more about. They form their own ecosystem. If…

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