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That Video I Promised!

Bring on the Gold Medal! Finally! It’s done!! Woot!! [looks around for the gold medal she knows MUST be waiting. Sees none. Pouts for a millisecond. Opts to do the jig of completion joy instead, with the grace of a gazelle.] Remember that photo processing video I promised of this photo? It be Ready for…

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The Wide View

Another Panorama? Goodness, I’m on FIRE! For someone who eschews the mighty panorama, I’ve certainly created a record number of them lately! Mind you, two in the same month IS some kind of record for me… hahaha! For some reason that I have not yet fathomed, I’ve been drawn to panoramacize certain scenes of late.…

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Shark Fin Cove

The Perfect Pirate Name How can you resist a place that sounds like a pirates’ landing? From the moment I heard the name “Shark Fin Cove”, my hearty imagination had me hobbling around on a peg leg “Arrrr-ing” to passersby. Of course, I know the whole “Pirates say Arr” thing is a myth… but don’t…

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