My Big, Fat Tonality Pro Webinar


Throw on your backpack and come with me to school!
OK, not entirely… because I really did to a webinar recently!
It was for Macphun Software and their black and white plugin Tonality Pro, which I adore.

I was asked to take viewers through a few images, KHutt style. I love it when they turn me loose like that. Don’t worry, I didn’t go crazy, I kept it real… and demo’d some different ways I like to use the layers feature, some fun techniques for using color along with black and white, how blending modes create a whole set of options – and lots more!

And so that you don’t have to lift a finger, I brought the entire experience… right here… to you.
‘Cause that’s how we roll over here.

Always remember… if you decide at any point “I gotta have that!”… you can save 10% on any Macphun Product with the code KHutt.
I swear, a good deal an awesome product practically makes me swoon.

Hope you enjoy! There will be more… 😉

Awesome Photographers Bundle!

Something Cool for the New Year!

I’m kicking off the New Year with something new. Something cool. And something I haven’t ever done before!

Some of you may know that I published an eBook in 2013. I kept it simple: photos and stories. My fave.
But now, I’m teaming up with an amazing group of contributors to make  a TON of photography tools, tutorials, products and general awesomeness available to you in one fell swoop. Man, I love a one-stop shop!

First of all, this is the cover of my eBook, which will be part of a fantastic Photographer’s Bundle for 5 days. If you want to skip to the chase, learn more, & sign up to be notified of when the sale starts by  clicking here or on the photo:


But if you’re like me, you’ll want to wrap your head around it first. So here’s the scoop.

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