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Karen Hutton Guests on Trey's Variety Hour #57

From Photo Fun to Facebook Woes… this is a fun one! I join Trey and Company for conversation about: – Some complaints and thoughts about Facebook and promoted posts (Alex did an experiment where he paid $40) – We all share new photos (Alex from a Russian dungeon costume party, Thomas from Decompression, Karen from…

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Karen Hutton & Gino Barasa Guest Host Trey’s Variety Hour #50

Gino Barasa and I team up again to guest host Trey’s Variety Hour! With Trey out traveling, we hold down the fort  and are joined by Alan Shapiro, Ron Clifford, Michael Bonocore, Vivienne Gucwa, and Chris Chabot. We talk about “Photography, Relationships and Innovation at the Speed of Light!” The panel discusses how ideas and innovations…

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