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VIDA: Art of Light // Inspiring Fashion

The Vida “Art of Light” Collection is Live! It’s here! It’s here! My pieces in the VIDA Spring Collection are now public, live and available today! [insert mega happy dance here] You may remember that I first told you about this back in January, when they first approached me. I wrote about it here  and even…

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VIDA: The Big Reveal!!

The Magic of Unfolding I love watching cool things unfold. Experiencing a journey – and sharing it too – is like a treasure hunt of the highest order. I’m betting you feel this way too, which is why I’m continuing to bring you along on my journey with VIDA. Welcome to the next chapter! Not final, mind you……

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Sneak Peak: VIDA

It Begins 2015 is already starting well… 1. I don’t have the flu. (appreciating health BIG time right now!) 2. I made a pledge to only move with opportunities that feel like “Aaahhhh…” on the inside. Such as… 3. I’m partnering as an artist with VIDA to create some awesomeness. You’re the very first to…

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