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Lines, Contrast, Patterns = Monochrome

┬áMy, What Strong Lines You Have! This is a brand, spankin’ new photo. I haven’t posted it anywhere, except here. ‘Cause my blog gets first crack at everything. I’m partial that way. It DID appear in a recent webinar I did on Tonality Pro for Macphun Software, because that’s how I processed it. This particular…

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Intersections of Place & Time

Lending Focus to a Grand Landscape When a big, fat, sprawling landscape spreads out in front of you, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and wonder how to compose it. To make sense of it all, I always look for some structure… and a point where the story lives. In this case, it was where the…

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John’s Truck

Some time back, my friend Brian Matiash came up to Truckee for a visit… and we went out in search of some fun stuff to shoot. He’s known for his Urbex style photography, but also his gorgeous landscapes. Since we were in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, I took him to some of my favorite landscapey…

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