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Envision The Results

Intend. Envision. Enjoy. Cool. Moist. Relief.On my social streams a couple of days ago, I asked for help in thinking “cool, moist thoughts”?. Guess what’s happening now?Rain.Why was this so important? Because of the King Fire, a wildfire that’s been burning out of control since Sept. 11. It’s been moving ever closer to us… while…

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What Do You Desire Most?

Don’t Judge the Book By It’s Maker OK, I know this video was created by/for an insurance company. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s seriously awesome and makes me bawl. Every. Damn. Time.

THE CHAT with Karen Hutton: Dario Sattui!

Meeting Dario I literally only met him minutes before this Chat… but Dario Sattui may well be the most inspiring person I’ve met all year! Dario is the great-grandson of Vittori Sattui, founder of V. Sattui Vineyards in the Napa Valley. He may have learned the vintner business from family… but his love of Medieval…

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