15 Minutes. Go.

15 minutes. That’s how long this new show needed to be. 15 minutes is the new hour-long format. Get in, get out. Boom. The bird looked startled. But we both knew I was right.

It needed to be strike a different note than the norm. It had to respect people’s time and intelligence. Offer something of value. Be fun, entertaining – and also have some meat. Folks should walk away satisfied, energized, start their week off right.  It had to have a point – but be flexible enough for variables. Each episode unique. And in the overall: start simple and allow room for growth. It needed a name, a tagline and an attitude. And did I mention… keep it simple?

In 15 minutes. Go.
How hard could it be?
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Life As Art? Yes please!

Living Your Life As An Artist




Birds do it. Bees do it. I don’t know if educated fleas do it, because I haven’t done a careful inspection. I think more humans should do it; live their life as an artist.

So here’s the thing. All my life I’ve been a people watcher. This came in really handy in my acting days.  I discovered that if I listened with heart and great intent, I’d learn the most amazing things. One little insight could trigger an entire perceptual shift!

I always wanted to ask of the folks who succeeded in the ways I desired; how did you do it? What do you know that I need to know too? What path did you take? What pitfalls did you experience? What should I avoid… and which things should I always, always  do?

Above all… how do I wrap my head around the best way to manifest my own dreams? 

Because I learned that how you think about something determines your outcome. Every time.

I still remember reading a quote from an interview with 1940’s film star Loretta Young saying   that she never applied her makeup on in the same order every day. She felt that it was her job as an actress to be present and aware at all times; never doing anything by rote. Mixing up the order on an activity that for most people is “automatic” was simply one way she did this.

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Joe's Peacock, Teamwork and the Gift of Mosquitos – Part 2

Welcome back! Yesterday I started the processing tale of this bird’s tail (hehheh)… if you haven’t seen that and want to catch up, it’s here.

So far, I liked the direction, but it still needed a bit more work. So I turned to onOne Software’s Focal Point 2 to show Joe a twist on the basic vignette. He already knew about the judicious use of vignetting… but hadn’t tried Focal Point. I figured this was a good time to introduce him to a new tool that he had in his arsenal. After showing him how the focus bug worked and all the adjustments you can make, we both decided that we liked how Big Bird was beginning to stand out from his surroundings without even cropping, just kind of emerging from the shadows. It’s a subtle change from the last photo… this one mostly just deepened the transition into darkness at the outer edges of the feathers. It made the break from the background softer and clearer at the same time.

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Joe's Peacock, Teamwork and the Gift of Mosquitos: Part 1

Situation: my hubs Joe had to travel to Hawaii for work. I had to come along because… well… because I had to come along. Seriously. This is Hawaii we’re talkin’ over here! Mostly he worked. I photographed. But we did manage to have one day to go out together and do some shootin’ around and about the island. One of our stops;  Byodo-In-Temple, over in the Valley of the Temples Memorial Park. Sidebar on that spot: TOTALLY worth it, but bring bug spray! I got swarmed by mosquitoes over by the creeky areas and finally had to make a run for it and hide out back in the car. (where I processed iPhone pics with Snapseed. I mean, why let a few venomous insects slow you down?) When the resident peacock made a show back the temple, Joe texted and said I should come photograph it. I said “NO!… but take one for me!” So he did:

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