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The Chat with Karen Hutton: Chris MacAskill

We’re BACK!! Whew! What a summer it’s been. Who knew you could get so busy – and in so many ways? Hey, no complaints – but I’m tha-RILLED to be back ON with The Chat after its unintentional summer hiatus… because people, I’ve got some amaaaazing folks to share with you! To kick it off……

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Tomorrow – Get Ready for the Return of The Chat!

The Chat And Chris MacAskill … and then her mind was blown! That’s the ending of the story that began with my emailing Chris MacAskill of SmugMug and asking; “Baldy, how would you like to do a Chat with me?” some months ago. A full day with ¬†SmugMug HQ in Mountain View resulted in my…

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The Lay of The Land

What’s Been Going On Behind the Curtain? I’ve been nose to the grindstone. Behind closed doors. Below the radar. “Leave a message at the beep” now for weeks. I might even say for months! So, I thought perhaps I’d take a moment to have a gander of the lay of the land looking forward… and…

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