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Art From a Brain Cuisinart

Whew! I knew September would be a whirlwind, I just didn’t expect it feel like I’d been in a Cuisinart! I don’t mean painful-Cuisinart, like sticking your hand into a blender for real (step awaaaay from that thought!). I just mean it’s like that moment when new people, experiences, ideas and possibilities all come thundering…

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Then There's Jim

Peacock-Palooza! Yesterday’s post about Phil the Peacock has a Part 2. It’s name is Jim. He’s Phil’s fully technicolor counterpart. He also lives at The Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine; and was named after the┬ádean of the Cathedral, The Very Reverend Dr. James A. Kowalski. What follows is what I learned about Jim…

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Take a Detour

Ruts… Bleh! Ever been stuck in a rut? I sure have! They often feel safe, known, comfortable… and you don’t always feel “stuck” in them! Sometimes it can be just smooth ‘n nice, which ain’t all bad sometimes. I always know I’m hovering near rut-dom when I feel a little bored by my own self.…

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