We Have a Winner! The Fuji X-T10 Goes To…

[Drum roll please]

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we have ourselves a winner in my Big, Fat Fuji X-T10 Caption Contest!! And can I just say….


This has been an incredible experience, reading all of your comments, taking this ride with you. I laughed, I cried, I wanted to give everyone a camera. And a big, fat hug, just for being so freakin’ awesome! Continue reading “We Have a Winner! The Fuji X-T10 Goes To…”

Free Stuff, Oh How I Love Thee!

This summer, I feel like the 4x Prize & Giveaway Queen. Hehheh. And because hosting, supporting, being part of awesome giveaways is a HECK of alot of fun, I decided I needed a superhero name.

Maybe… Hope Summers? Light Lass? Longshot? Juggernaut? I usually make up my own superhero names, but found these on this page, which claims to a “List of all superheroes and villains”… but I know that’s not true, because two of my faves from the X-Men series; Rogue and Storm are missing. Annnnd I digress. Per usual 😉

Be that as it may, today I’m laying all 4 chances to win a slice ‘o awesomeness at your feet. I was going to call each one of these out in separate post… but then I started to lose track, so decided to go big or go home and post ’em all today! Here we go… Continue reading “Free Stuff, Oh How I Love Thee!”

Thomas Cook “Explore the Elements” Winner: Air

Winning Air

If I was going to win one division of Thomas Cook’s “Explore the Elements” photography/blogger contest… I would vote “Air”.

Not that got a vote.
Nor did I have an expectation about the outcome.
So, DANG I was surprised when that’s exactly what happened!

I entered the Thomas Cook “Explore the Elements” contest because I thought it was smart. I don’t mean smart to enter it… I mean the contest itself was smart. It required good photographs, good thoughts, good writing… an entire package. Y’know, smart. Plus who doesn’t love the 4 elements?

We had to write a blog post to enter… mine was here.

This was the breath of Air that sang the winning tune…
I always feel like I’m on vacation when I look at it. 😉

Perhaps it was the dance training,but everyone always commented that she moved as if she were underwater... yet in the air. It simply defied logic.
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Ori’s Quick Chat & The Viewbug Webinar

Have you heard of Viewbug? It’s a website that has more photo contests going on than you can shake a stick at! I met Ori Guttin, one of the founders of Viewbug last year… super cool dude. In fact, when I visited San Diego in December, I did a Quick Chat with him, which I included right here.

I gotta say, altruistically I’ve never been a big believer in competition when it comes to art. And yet – it’s so incredibly popular! I can see why… prizes, prestige, getting known; all important in this day and age. Still, I’m squeamish about choosing winners and losers in art.

But I’ve come to learn there are different ways to go about contests. Viewbug and Ori’s team is ALL about it being a positive, building-up process involving community, feedback, support, monitoring how people comment on photos… and generally making it an experience to improve your photography and broaden your world.

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